Tatum O’Neal Needs Another Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

Alas it is with true regret that I have to blog about a relapse from one of my favorite actresses Tatum O’Neal.

The former child star - who has a long history with drug abuse – and has once again checked into a treatment center in Southern California in a bid to get help for her cocaine addiction. As reported in www.irishcentral.com.

Since entering the facility, the 48-year-old actress - the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award - has been visited several times by her father Ryan O'Neal, who is desperate for his eldest child to get clean.

After winning the Academy Award at age 6 for “Paper Moon” O’Neal has struggled with drug use throughout her life.

She was married for a time to tennis great John McEnroe, now one of the best tennis broadcasters alive. When she married McEnroe in 1986 she did not invite anyone from her family to the wedding. The couple - who have three children - separated in December 1992 and were divorced in 1994.

She previously dated the late Michael Jackson.

Following the divorce, Tatum's long-time drug problems re-emerged and she developed an addiction to heroin. As a result of her drug problems, McEnroe obtained custody of the children in 1998.

I know Tatum has worked on her addiction issues throughout her life. She has had many long spells of sobriety. Here’s to hoping she can recover from this latest setback.