Poly Drug Use

Everyone knows that drug use can lead to addictions, abuse, and possible overdoses, but those warning never seem to slow people down when they’re face-to-face with temptation. For many people, it’s not even enough for them to simply use one drug; they need multiple substances to achieve their desired euphoria.

Drug users take it upon themselves to decide which substances can be mixed together and that often has deadly consequences. While it’s true that no drugs should be administered simultaneously unless directed by a doctor, that doesn’t stop recreational users from continuing to take the risks. Mixing drugs can be as simple as smoking a joint while drinking alcohol, but can be as dangerous as something referred to as poly drug use.

Poly drug use means someone who uses two or more psychoactive drugs at the same time to achieve a particular effect. In many cases the user will take one drug as the base and use the other one(s) to compensate for the side effects of the first drug they took. They think it creates a sense of drug synergy and keeps them in the state of euphoria longer without any downfalls. It also helps them sustain the feeling as the first drug starts to taper off.

What people fail to realize is that poly drug use actually carries much more risk than the single use of any other drug because it increases the side effects. They also think that they can tack on substances like alcohol and nicotine without any worry because they are legal, but that is one of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes of them all. The effects that alcohol can have on drugs that have already been taken are usually completely unpredictable and can elevate a situation from good to bad very quickly. How much alcohol is consumed also plays a huge part and typically, when someone is already under the influence of another substance they are tricked into thinking they can tolerate much more than the normal amount.

Poly drug use is one of the quickest ways to suffer a drug overdose and is still one of the most commonly practiced methods of regular users. It’s true that every drug has a safe dosage, but that is rarely the one that is followed by recreational drug users. A drug overdose occurs when the ingestion of a substance is in quantities greater than the ones recommended and can often result in a state of toxic shock or even death.