Sex and Drugs

Drug users will attest to the fact that sometime drugs can impair or have negative effects on one’s decision-making abilities. Most teens have found themselves at a party at one time or another faced with a difficult decision when it comes to peers and using drugs and alcohol. And many of those teens will tell you that they regret succumbing to the peer pressure because of how it made them feel or what they did as a result of it. This is nothing new.

Women and men have found themselves at bars, drunker than they would like, making bad decisions. Whether it’s going home with someone they barely know and getting in their cars to drive while intoxicated; drugs can have life-changing consequences. Many use the words sex and drugs in the same sentence frequently because they believe that one goes hand-in-hand with the other or one can lead to the other. This is yet another example of bad decision-making.

Drugs cover a very wide range of things and are not limited to the illegal ones you find sold on the streets and at parties. Alcohol is a drug. Cigarettes are a drug. The prescriptions you get from your doctor to treat an ailment or conditions are drugs too. Too often people make the assumption that if their doctor told them to take then it's safe. While it may be true that following the prescribed dosage diligently is safe, one can never predict the effects that a substance will have on them. And all too often people misuse these drugs and take more than they are prescribed. They share them with their friends or develop dependencies on them.

Drugs also include the illicit ones you may see at raves and parties. The drugs commonly found at raves are referred to as psychedelic substances and one of the reasons that people use sex and drugs in the same sentence. These drugs are known to transport the use to an altered state of mind and usually put them in a really good and loving mood.

Sex and drugs are two things that should both be taken very seriously. They are two things that will have dire consequences if you let yourself be reckless and careless with them. Staying informed on what is out there and keeping yourself safe in all types of situations is the best thing to do anytime. And if you do find yourself using drugs, be aware of your surroundings and the way you and your body feel.