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Know Your Rights – Make Informed Decisions

If you have been cited for drug usage, it is important that you know what the law states. Knowing your rights can help ensure you go into your hearing prepared, and will allow you to make informed decisions. Know what penalties you can expect and what your rights are – review the drug laws below.

Minor in Possession Laws

The legal age for drinking is 21 throughout the U.S. But each state has different laws that govern aspects of underage drinking.

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Teen Tobacco Laws

The use of tobacco by minors is not legal in the U.S. But different states have different regulations and penalties if a minor is caught using tobacco. Learn the individual tobacco laws for each state here.

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Laws Regarding Illegal Drugs

Though there are numerous drugs that are illegal to possess, the law does not treat them all equally and punishment does vary.

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Marijuana Laws

Marijuana laws are surprisingly not uniform throughout the U.S. In some states it is strictly illegal, while in others you can possess it for medical use or even recreational use.

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