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Corporate Programs

Online Drug Class provides cost-effective and convenient corporate drug use training programs focused on drug and alcohol education. Our programs are adaptable to suit your business's unique requirements. Developed by industry experts with decades of experience, our corporate drug and substance abuse program enlightens employees about the perils of substance misuse. Our alcohol and drug awareness programs encompasses essential techniques for maintaining sobriety and serves as a potent tool for averting and alerting against substance abuse hazards in the workplace. Count on us to deliver an exceptional package that exceeds your expectations.

Our corporate drug and substance abuse program compromises a set of specialized classes that can help mitigate drug abuse problems in the work environment and enhance a business’s success. It teaches employees – through your choice of one of many comprehensive courses that span from 8 to 24 hours in length – about the dangers of drugs and abuse. Get started today and start reaping the benefits.

What Our Classes Offer

Our corporate drug and substance abuse awareness programs are designed to educate individuals on the dangers of substance abuse, the benefits of staying sober, and how best to overcome or prevent substance abuse. Among the concepts discussed in our courses are:

  • Healthy alternative options
  • Getting control
  • Substance abuse throughout history
  • Health issues
  • Dealing with emotions
  • How to stop substance abuse

Depending on your needs or that of your employees, other topics can be discussed as well. We will customize our drug awareness program according to your specifications, so that they are effective and personalized.


Discussing the issues associated with drug and alcohol abuse will inevitably benefit your business’s prevention of it. Allowing your employees to take our course and complete it will be beneficial to both parties. The long-term benefits are clear; individuals will be equipped to live healthier, more fulfilling lives free of substance abuse. Among the immediate practical benefits include:

  • Comprehensive program developed by specialists
  • Offered online for the convenience of your employees
  • Customer support is available day and night
  • Guaranteed results or your money back

The benefits of purchasing the corporate drug and substance abuse program for your business are great. If you have any questions about our program or would like to create your own customized course, contact us at: