Boyfriend in Need of DUI Class and Medical Attention

by: Mike Miller

Nicholas Perry had one very bad day. Would it surprise you to know that alcohol played a prominent role in his bad day? Of course it doesn’t – alcohol and bad days seem to go hand-in-hand.

Perry was arrested on several charges after he was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol after a fight with his girlfriend and a police chase. As reported in

He was pulled over after a police saw him throw a plastic cup from the window.

When the 25-year-old Perry eventually stopped, the deputy said asked the driver to show his license and registration, but the driver appeared to reach for documents before speeding off.

After leading police on a short chase, Perry rolled up his window as officers approached his car. He refused to get out and had to be pulled from the car. He told officers that he fled police because he just wanted to get home after visiting his girlfriend. Perry said they had been fighting and the cup he threw from the window contained vodka.

At least he was honest. Perry's breath smelled of alcohol, his speech was slurred and that he couldn't keep his balance. He had all the signs of being totally hammered.

Perry's girlfriend was not harmed. The same could not be said for Perry. Just get a gander of that mug shot!

Perry's blood alcohol level tested at 0.13 percent. Hopefully as part of his sentence he will be mandated to an alcohol and DUI class.