Military Really Needs to Implement Mandatory Online Drug Abuse Classes

by: Mike Miller

Can anyone argue that a little more education and a little more training is a bad thing? I would hope the United States Military would think more training against the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs could only be a good thing.

There are many who feel that the military takes up an undue portion of our national budget. Do you agree? As reported in

Do you have any idea how much our military spends on pain killers and other prescription medication? Please sit down immediately – these numbers may terrify you!

Over the past decade, the military has spent $1.6 billion on painkillers (opioids) such as Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. $2.7 billion has been spent on anti-depressants and more than $507 million on sleep medications such as Ambien.

Prescription drug abuse, mostly the use of painkillers tripled since 2002. The military substance abuse program has seen an overall increase in the amount of individuals enrolled in their program.

Since 2006, the number of soldiers who enrolled in the Army’s substance abuse program jumped 40% with 23,000 enrolled in 2010. Did you know that prescription drug misuse is the second most illicit drug problem next to marijuana in the nation.

Soldiers also receive psychotropic medications for sleep disturbances, anxiety issues and depression. The increase in medication use parallels the increase in the amount of soldiers receiving behavioral health care and are therefore in treatment for behavioral health issues.

I certainly think a mandated online drug class may be warranted for all military personnel. What do you think?