Anti-Smoking Course teaches of Dangers of Using Cannabis

by Mike Miller August 21, 2013

When I was growing up in the 1970s marijuana was still very much in the fringe of society. Of course there were the hippies who smoked it, but anyone else was labeled a “stoner” and basically a “loser.” Boy how times change, right?

Now marijuana is legal for recreational purposes in two states, Washington and Colorado, and for medicinal purposes in twelve others plus Washington, DC. It is estimated that more people ages 13-25 smoke marijuana than tobacco!

As crazy as it seems, it is not that uncommon for some people trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes move to marijuana. Again, going back to my childhood, I remember people trying to quit tobacco cigarettes switching to tobacco cigars or pipes. They still were smoking.

It’s not uncommon for someone to wonder if smoking marijuana will help or hurt their effort to quit smoking cigarettes. Both cigarettes and cannabis have their own set of risks, but it’s not necessarily clear whether or not cannabis smoking can have a negative effect on it.

Will using marijuana help you quit smoking? There is ZERO proof that it will.

Even if it did, smoking marijuana comes with its own risks. In addition to being an illegal substance (illegal under Federal Law everywhere), marijuana causes thinking impairment, impaired problem-solving skills and memory, reduced coordination and balance, increased risk of heart attack, a heightened risk of respiratory infections, and possible hallucinations and withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking cigarettes has the potential to cause a lot of long-term effects, so quitting that habit is always a good idea. But please do not quit smoking tobacco only to gain a new addiction. Take a computer based drug class to gain a better understanding of the risks associated with marijuana use and smoking.

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