Group of Parents Need Illinois Alcohol Awareness Class

by Mike Miller June 26, 2012

Chaperones play an important role in keeping our children safe. The last thing we want to hear is that our kids were not being looked after in a responsible manner by the adults entrusted to keeping them safe when on a trip.

I recently read about a school field trip gone wrong and it made my skin crawl.  It happened in Illinois according to

Would you like your children to be watched by these adult chaperones who are charged with outrageous behavior on a recent excursion?

Chaperoning Fifth Graders

You want to talk about irresponsibility – these adults were in charge of 5th graders.  During an overnight trip chaperones organized a late-night cabin party wherein they consumed alcohol, say several residents - some who were trip chaperones and others who were not.

A few chaperones left their cabins full of children to attend a party that didn't end until 3 a.m.  They also started two illegal campfires - one inside and one outside; and served bags of candy and snacks - banned by camp officials due to the concern of attracting bears.

Parents are up in arms because they can take no recourse against those accused of drinking as there was no explicit, written policy forbidding chaperones from drinking on the trip.

In addition to the alcohol and candy party, some mothers left their assigned cabins in the middle of the night to sleep in cars, finding the vehicles to be more comfortable.

What is especially disturbing is that parents boasted about their drinking party and illegal campfires. Their children know their parents broke the rules.  What kind of example is this setting?

Can parents not go one night without getting drunk?  These parents are in dire need of both an Illinois alcohol class and parenting counseling.

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