Lamar Odom is Missing and is Not Enrolled in Online Substance Abuse Course

by Mike Miller September 2, 2013

Drugs ruin lives. Don’t believe me? Just ask Lamar Odom. The 33-year-old Odom is on the verge of losing both his basketball career, his marriage to the uber-hot Khloe Kardashian and possibly his life.

Fears are mounting for Odom's well-being after falling off the radar days ago. Khloe kicked him out and now divorce rumors are circulating. As reported in

Kardashian is apparently becoming increasingly worried for the safety of her husband as he hasn't touched base for three days after she booted him out. The pair had had an argument on August 21st that provoked the Kardashian sister to chuck the NBA star out of the house.

Khloe had attempted an intervention related to her concerns over Odom's alleged drug use in the downtime now the basketball season has ended. Odom has battled with crack cocaine addiction for at least two years. A representative for the sports star insists that Lamar is fine but would not disclose any details regarding his whereabouts.

Sources connected to Odom say that attempts to contact the sports star on his own side and Khloe's have proved useless. Concerns have mounted that Odom has gone off the rails, hiding himself away on a days-long crack cocaine bender. Khloe and Lamar are separated and possibly close to divorce. Their separation was effectively declared when Khloe kicked him out when he refused her intervention attempt where she tried to persuade him to go back to rehab.

As a fan of the NBA I hate to see one of its stars modeling poor behavior, however, more importantly, I hate to see drugs ruin yet another life.

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