NBA Star Lamar Odom Missing: Needs Drug Class ASAP

by Mike Miller September 4, 2013

Hollywood is chock-full of crazy stories involving drugs, violence and other aberrant behavior. Being married to a Kardashian gives instant celebrity. Being an NBA star in Los Angeles only adds to the hype.

Throw in a public argument, drug addiction and a missing person and the frenzy is incredible. Such is the current state of Lamar Odom’s life. As reported in

As it stands now Khloe Kardashian has kicked her husband of four years to the curb due to alleged crack cocaine abuse. Though apparently now living apart, neither party has conducted a divorce lawyer nor Lamar doesn't seem to have made any contact to confirm his safety yet.

The pair were married in 2009 just four weeks after they met and their relationship has been a rollercoaster, with circulating rumors that Odom cheated on the reality TV star. Odom spent three weeks in a rehab clinic outside San Diego and Kardashian had to hire a private security firm to make sure he didn’t leave.

Odom was last seen picking up suitcases from their Calabasas home and driving away.

Odom is said to have remained clean once he left rehab and it did not affect his basketball season with the Los Angeles Clippers during this past year. However, it has been alleged when the season was over he slipped deep back into hardcore recreational drugs.

Odom has not been looking as strong since he left the Los Angeles Lakers for the Los Angeles Clippers two years ago, but the reasons for the 33-year-old's falloff may be more due to drugs than age. He was the first Laker to win the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year award after the 2010-11season.

Odom is finding out the hard way recreational drugs can ruin careers and lives. It would be great to see him make a complete recovery and then share his story with kids across America to try to help them stay off of drugs.

We will continue to follow this saga until Odom turns up. I just hope the next time I write he is taking an substance abuse class online or in rehab and not dead.

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