Celebrities Scott Storch and Armie Hammer Need a Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

This is the second in a series of blogs dealing with celebrities who got in trouble with drugs and modeled very poor behavior for their adoring public. Keep in mind that America’s love of celebrities helped create the problem.

Here are a few celebrities that need drug classes.

Scott Storch – Best known as the producer for such hip-hop artists like Dr Dre, Chris Brown and Ludacris, he was booked in Las Vegas for felony possession of cocaine.

Armie Hammer – Don’t let the name fool you into thinking he is a porn star. Hammer starred in the blockbuster movie Social Network about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and J Edgar starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The good looking young man made a bad decision when he tried to re-enter the United States from Mexico at a Texas border crossing with marijuana in his pocket.

Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins – The one-time star of the hit Lean on Me is headed to jail for quite some time. He was arrested in a police drug sting in Phoenix, Arizona with more than 200 pounds of weed. From actor to pot dealer, I hope Huggy gets a drug class and works toward a sober lifestyle. 

None of these young individuals showed any smarts. I hope they all take 15 hour drug classes and seek counseling to help keep them drug-free.