Drug Classes Teach How Ecstasy Contributes to Memory Loss

by: Mike Miller

Given that a good drug class taken at the right age might keep you from ever using Ecstasy, it would lead you to believe that your memory could be maximized from a drug class.

For years we have read about how alcohol and marijuana adversely affect our memory, now comes new research that so too does Ecstasy. This as reported in Fox News.

This is the first study of Ecstasy users before they begin to use the drug regularly, which helps rule out alternative causes for the memory loss. They are measuring the cognitive function of people with no history of Ecstasy use and, one year later, identifying those who had used Ecstasy at least 10 times and re-measuring their performance.

Ecstasy, or MDMA is a popular drug often taken at raves or techno clubs. In Europe, researchers estimate that about 5.6 percent of 15- to 34-year-olds have used the drug at some point. In the United States, about 5.7 percent of people have used Ecstasy at some point, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse

This study focusedon new users of Ecstasy. To qualify, people had to have some experience with the drug — making it more likely that they'd use it in the future — but could not have taken more than five pills in their lifetimes.

Memory and Ecstasy

Among Ecstasy users, the researchers found deterioration in a memory task called paired associates learning, in which people memorize pairs of words or objects so that the presentation of one triggers the recall of the other. None of the other cognitive tasks showed significant differences between users and nonusers.

One more drug is now added to the list that could impair your memory. Do yourself a favor and stay off drugs. If you need help there are drug classes. If you prefer to maintain anonymity, there are online drug classes too.