Patriots Player Understands the Value in Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

There is no arguing that drugs and abuse of chemical substances are prevalent both in society and the National Football League. A week does not go by where some NFL player does not make the news for some incident involving drugs or alcohol.

While I have long taken the stance that athletes and celebrities should not be role models, sometimes they are worth. Former New England Patriots’ player Tony Collins is worthy of role model status. As reported in

As a running back, Collins amassed more than 7,000 all-purpose during the 1980s. But at the height of his powers, cocaine and injuries cost him his career and sent him down a path of substance abuse that lasted more than a decade.

Collins, who now appears as a motivational speaker for school groups around the country, spoke to students on the pressures of stardom and making good choices.

Wise Man, Wise Words

His words as reported in the Sun Chronicle are extremely wise. He said, “The choices you make are important. Your choices can hurt a lot of people. My mom, my dad and a lot of other people were hurt because of the choices I made.”

Life is all about choices. As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes the theme of choices is a topic for each session.

The man who was a Pro Bowler and scored more 44 touchdowns urged teens to obey their parents, hang out with “good people” and work hard as students and athletes as part of a recipe for success.

It is always nice when athletes and celebrities can be role models. As parents all we can hope to do is help provide the recipe for success to our children.