Gateway Drugs Lead to Tobacco Classes

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I am quite aware that the majority of my students’ first experience with drugs was nicotine. Would keeping them from ever trying nicotine keep them off heavier drugs in the future.

Tobacco companies are smart. They know the target market for their advertising are those under the age of 30, even under the age of 20. They need to get people hooked at a young age and keep them hooked. That is why they have been making billions of dollars every year for a long, long time. This as reported in

One popular smokeless tobacco product available in is Snus. It comes in small gauze packets that are placed between the gum and the cheek like old-fashioned chewing tobacco. But there’s no spitting, so the user swallows and absorbs even more nicotine. Snus comes in flavors like wild strawberry, licorice and melon.

Most states require that stores keep all tobacco products behind the counter. It is also illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under 18.

Some states even sell nicotine toothpicks, gel and lotion. If not they can easily be purchased online.

Tobacco companies market these products for adult smokers allowing them to ingest nicotine in an increasing number of situations where they can’t light up. Yet these are quite attractive to youth looking to experiment with nicotine and may not want to smoke a cigarette.

Be smart, make your child take a tobacco awareness class. Better yet, take one with your child so he knows you are on the same page!