Minor in Possession Classes Help Keep Teens from Deadly Mistake

by: Mike Miller

Can you have too much drug education? Do you think drug classes should be mandatory for all students? Do you want your child to experiment with drugs and alcohol? Do you want your child to become an addict?

I am not saying that without extensive drug, alcohol and MIP classes that our children will fall victim to the virulent talons of addiction, but we must arm them as best we can. We must lead by example and continue to pound in the mantra about how easy addiction slides its evil head into our lives. Once its claws are inserted, they can be very difficult to break free from. As reported in www.courierpress.com.

How scary is the situation? Speaking to a group of high school students I asked how many had taken prescription medication not prescribed for them. More than half raised their hands.

To the shock and dismay of the adults in the gym, my second question yielded a similar response.

Again hundreds of students raised their hands when I asked: "How many of you think prescription pills are easy to get?"

This is the first in a series of blogs looking into the nature of drugs among our teens. If you have a child aged 11 and up, I urge you to take an online drug class with them. Prevention is the best recipe to keep our kids clean.