Celebrities Such as Big Boi and Redmond O’Neal May Need Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

Do you model your life after your favorite celebrity? I hope not. However, there are some celebrities who truly are role models. Judging from the headline to this blog, the following celebrities are not good role models.

This is part of a series of blogs illuminating celebrity drug behavior.

Big Boi – I thought this was a misspelling of the fat dude outside a chain of restaurants most popular in the 1970s. This Big Boi is part of the hip-hop group OutKast. Other than his hip-hopping, Big Boi’s claim to fame was a drug bust in Miami where he was nailed for possession of Ecstasy pills, MDMA powder, Viagra and drug paraphernalia. 

Redmond O’Neal – The progeny of Hollywood superstars Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal, Redmond has had a series of drug-related incidents. From alcohol, to pills to marijuana and heroin, Redmond has been in constant trouble due to his addiction issues.

April Michelle Purvis – Yet another person whose life never would be popularized without reality television, Purvis, the mother of 16 and Pregnant star Whitney, showed that she may be a reason for her daughters demise. Momma was arrested after a K9 unit sniffed out methamphetamines and marijuana in her vehicle. Nice grandma.

I really think all three of these wanna-be celebrities need intensive counseling and drug classes if they are to stay sober. Be advised, do not use any of these as role models.

Source: eonline.com