Drug Classes Offer Great Return Investment

by: Mike Miller

As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I am a strong proponent of the value education brings to drug and alcohol addiction problems. I have seen first-hand how drug classes and social counseling and support groups work to keep people clean and sober. Now research is coming to support my long-held belief.

According to recent study, investing in prevention is an economic no-brainer. The report determined that communities will reap dramatic savings by using drug abuse and violence programs proven to be effective. This according to marketwatch.com.

It has been found that drug classes can produce a $38 benefit for every dollar invested. The report presented the results of an extensive economic analysis of a number of different programs, carefully weighing the costs and benefits of the programs assessed.

The 38-to-1 return to communities came in terms of reduced corrections costs, welfare and social services burden, drug and mental health treatment; and increased employment and tax revenue.

I have known for many years that effective prevention programs offer the potential for producing a powerful public health benefit by helping teens avoid the damaging effects of tobacco, alcohol, illicit drug abuse, and violence. Now, this new report proves that it has the added benefit of making good economic sense.

It just goes to show that an ounce of prevention can save pounds of trouble! A relatively small upfront investment can yield tremendous health and economic benefits in terms of both the immediate- and long-term positive effects our program has on the students who participate in it.

I hope this study leads to mandatory drug classes and MIP classes beginning in middle school and becoming a normal part of school curriculum.