Could California Alcohol Class Have Avoided Tragedy?

by: Mike Miller

Drinking alcohol can be lethal. Drinking and driving can be lethal. One incident in California involving their vaunted California Highway Patrol ended in tragedy last week.

Two California Highway Patrol officers were trying to make a DUI stop on a Sunnyvale man when he led them on a chase from the freeway to his neighborhood, where the patrolmen shot and wounded him during a brief fight. This as reported in the Mercury News.

James Ligon came out of surgery in stable condition. But what really happened?

Neighborhood residents heard multiple gunshots in the middle of the night. Ligon’s friends claim he was shot seven despite being

The 34-year-old led police on a slow chase for miles. It was as if he didn’t know police were following with lights and sirens blaring. He was shot right after getting out of his car.

Now he faces multiple charges including, threatening or violently resisting an officer, felony evading and violating probation.

This is a story I certainly would like to follow. That police originally tried pulling him over because they thought he was operating his vehicle impaired and him not pulling over for miles leads me to believe something was fishy. Unfortunately Ligon won’t be able to tell his tale.