Drug Classes Could Save Marine Corps’ Trouble

by: Mike Miller

There would be no argument from military officials that drug abuse is a concern for them. The US Marine Corps is trying to be proactive to help its members fight drug abuse.

This is especially true for soldiers as Marines who sustained injuries or suffered from anxiety may be prescribed medications to alleviate and treat their condition, however, these pharmaceuticals can prove to be highly addictive and dangerous if used inappropriately. This from www.dvidshub.net.

The military officials are attempting to establish a system to enhance their ability to track and monitor the abuse of prescription drugs. In order to achieve this, the Marine Corps expanded their prescription drug urinalysis testing by screening for commonly abused drugs such as hydrocodone and benzodiazepines.

Commands encourage those who may be addicted to these drugs to voluntarily seek medical treatment and rehabilitation. If a Marine has a problem with drugs or alcohol they shouldn’t keep it to themselves. By encouraging them to seek help, Marines can find aid from their chain-of-command or the substance abuse rehabilitation program.

This is not only an effort at rehabilitation. The plan is also to prosecute cases where Marines do not come forward to seek help for their drug addiction issues and continue to do so while on the job.

The important aspect is they are being given a “get out of jail free card” right now. Seek help before your addiction ruins your life.

It is this type of forward thinking that I like to see. Encourage drug classes and counseling before punishment. I am hopeful, this system will prove a positive force in keeping our soldiers clean and sober.