Montana Alcohol Classes Could Keep You from Being a Statistic

by: Mike Miller

One of the most dangerous things facing human beings in our every-day lives in transportation. Don’t laugh, it’s true. When you think about how many drivers are out there who are legally intoxicated it can be mind-numbing.

There is one thing about being a statistic and it is another to completely destroy your life. Alcohol certainly is capable of that.

In Helena, Montana police arrested David Vincent Strachan for his 6th driving under the influence (DUI) violation. He also was robbing a man at gunpoint at the time. How do you recover from that? This as reported in

The 51-year-old felon also led police on a brief low-speed chase, failing to immediately pull over when officers activated patrol-car lights.

Strachan was robbing the man at a Burger King restaurant. The victim said he had just taken $400 cash from an ATM before meeting Strachan and riding in his 1998 Ford Ranger. Strachan smelled of beer and drove in a “crazy” manner, running stop signs and eventually waved a revolver around, made threats and demanded the money. The victim told police he gave Strachan the money and left the truck at the Burger King.

Now he faces a double felony for DUI and armed robbery. You think alcohol played a role in that? You think it will be easy to get past this indiscretion? Perhaps a Montana alcohol class, counseling, a Montana theft class and joining a social support group will get him back to where he is a law-abiding citizen. He still should be a permanent pedestrian.