Moms Need Drug Class

by: Mike Miller

In case you were wondering, crystal meth is a very bad drug. It ruins lives and kills people. Some of the victims are completely innocent.

Back in the 1960s people learned it may be bad to smoke cigarettes while pregnant. That proved to be true. How do you think doing meth affects a fetus? Of course, that question was rhetorical.

Meth is a stimulant drug that wreaks havoc on the nervous system, causing brain changes that could cause anxiety, mood problems, and violent behavior. CBS news reports of a new study that says pregnant moms who use meth can pass some of these behavioral problems onto their kids.

It was the first study to examine meth use and its impact on a pregnancy. It followed 330 youngsters ages 3 through 5 who hailed from areas of the West and Midwest where meth use is most common.

The Study

Mothers were recruited shortly after giving birth in Des Moines, Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Tulsa. All had used meth during pregnancy. To test for evidence in the babies, the facility used stool samples. Effects in children exposed to the drug were compared with those whose mothers didn't use meth through behavioral checklists filled out by moms or caregivers. Both groups were high-risk children, with many living in disadvantaged homes.

The study revealed that by age 3, scores for anxiety, depression and moodiness were slightly higher in meth-users' children, with differences persisting at age 5. The older children who'd been exposed to meth also had more aggression and attention problems similar to ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is sad to say that more than half of the meth-using moms in the study also used the drug after giving birth. These women were also more likely to use other drugs during and after pregnancy and to be single mothers.

Currently there are about 1.2 million Americans age 12 or older saying in 2009 that they had abused meth at least once in the previous year.

Methamphetamine has stronger effects on the brain so it may be more likely to cause lasting effects in children. It is estimated that fewer than 1 percent of pregnant women are users.

This is a perfect example of why some people should have to have a license to procreate. How can anyone knowingly take such strong drugs and substances knowing there is a good chance it will affect their unborn child? The answer is someone who is extremely self-involved and selfish – AKA an addict! Perhaps these women need California Drug Classes?