Celebrities Really Need California Drug Classes

by: Mike Miller

I have long espoused that celebrities certainly should not be role models.  In the past week two “celebrities,” have been arrested for possible drug-related offenses.  One of the two may get off (pun intended) without a drug charge claiming it was mental illness rather than drugs that caused a complete public breakdown.

The Shame! Or Mental Illness?

For those of you in the film industry you most-likely have heard the name Jason Russell. His mini-documentary KONY 2012 is making waves around the world. It tells the story of Ugandan despot Joseph Kony, who has created an army out of hundreds of thousands of kidnapped children. The video has had more than 80 million views in just a few weeks.

Perhaps the stress and pressure of making such a film was too much for the director who seemed to have snapped. In San Diego on St. Patrick’s Day, Russell was caught nude and masturbating, pounding the pavement with his fists out in public.

Supposedly it was due to stress and dehydration, but police bought the story and released him to a local hospital with no charges pressed. Something seems a little fishy. I would bet drugs were involved somewhere in the day.

80s Singer Arrested Too

El DeBarge was not lucky enough to escape prosecution for a drug-related offense in Encino, California this past weekend. As reported in the LA Times, the singer from the 80s band of the same name was arrested on suspicion of drug possession with intent to sell and booked on suspicion of possession for sale of drugs.

El DeBarge, best known for the Grammy-winning song "Rhythm of the Night" in the mid-1980s as part of his family's group DeBarge.

Drugs are evil.  If you or someone you love has a drug problem please seek help ASAP.  If you prefer anonymity there are online drug classes too.