Parents and Children Should Take Online 8 Hour Drug Class Together

by: Mike Miller

Parenting is every person's (who has children) most important job. Of course this means providing a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs and food in the bellies of their progeny.

Parenting is giving your child every opportunity to succeed. Providing the basic sustenance mentioned above is the foundation. But certainly a lot more goes into being a successful parent.

We need to communicate on a very close level with our children. We need to be aware of what is going on in their lives. We need them to feel comfortable speaking to us and sharing what is happening in their lives away from home. It is the time away from home where good parents have the most to worry about.

In the past we have discussed the importance of setting a good example for your children. If you are a parent and your child sees you drinking, using drugs, and God forbid getting loaded, what do you think they are going to believe? If you and the schools are giving them the message that drugs and alcohol are bad and dangerous they are going to be confused and conflicted. I can assure you, that in more cases than not, once they get to high school those mixed messages will enable their brains to believe they will not be harmed by experimenting with drugs and alcohol.

We will continue on this vein in our next blog.