The Producers of The Movie Ted Needs a Drug Education Class

by: Mike Miller

I love going to the movies. One of my favorite actors in Mark Wahlberg. While not Academy Award winning talent, Wahlberg has consistently picked good, enjoyable films and he seems to be maturing as he ages.

Until now!

Making an adult movie (R rated) starring a teddy bear is not a good idea. As a father of young children who have been exposed to the commercial trailers on television, I am left with a sick feeling that too many kids are going to see this movie.

The cuddly teddy bear in this movie barks out four-letter words like a biker bar regular.

Stretch things a bit farther and give that little bear a beer bottle to guzzle during most of the movie.

This is certainly no children’s movie and even with a R rating there has been too much publicity on channels kids watch.

There are also numerous scenes when he smokes pot using a bong and one in which he covers his snout in cocaine.

So parents, what do you think about a living, breathing example of illegal drugs used “just for fun” by a toy teddy and a movie star? Again, I understand it is rated R, but it is where it it is being advertised that ticks me off.

Remember that Wahlberg joins Ted in this, and that girlfriends accept this as just being part of living at home. It is disappointing that he would choose a role that would be so pedantic.

The indelible and insidious message contained in in this film is that everyone is using and abusing drugs and this is a normal part of life.

Sure, the marijuana and cocaine lead to problems for Wahlberg at work and with his girlfriend.

But even at the movie’s conclusion one cannot quite believe that these drug days are over and forgotten for Ted and Wahlberg.

Both Wahlberg character and Ted need a drug class. I would hope that networks would not allow previews of this film on children’s channels.