Drug Education Classes Can Keep You Sober

by: Mike Miller

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol?  Are you in denial? Let’s start by asking the simple question of how often you use drugs (including alcohol). More than likely, if you drink or use any drug every day, you are an addict. 

Of course there are exceptions. If you drink one beer after work or one glass of wine every night with dinner I will exclude you from this discussion. However, if you drink two or more drinks, smoke pot, or do any other drug every day then you need to be part of this discussion.

The fact remains there are many addicts out there who are not seeking treatment for their addiction.  Why do you think that is?  Are they all in denial?  If so, who are they in denial to?  Most certainly those close to them know they have a problem.  Perhaps those close to them have their own issues to deal with and prefer not to create conflict.

Honest Reflection

I ask you right now to make an honest assessment of your drug and alcohol use.  I ask you to think that if you were clean and sober, would you judge the actions of a person using like you currently do as an addict.  If you are able to step outside and take an introspective look, you may see a problem with addiction.

The Vision

Okay, now you have assessed your use and think you may, or most likely do, have a problem.  What is the next step?  What will your friends, family and coworkers think of you after you admit to being an addict?  How embarrassing, right?  I would say start with an online drug class or online alcohol class so you can assess the situation in an educated manner.  But the fact probably remains that you are an addict!

Dealing With the Truth

Most addicts take way too long to seek help.  As a counselor for both in-class and online drug classes I see this situation every week.  As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict I can intimately understand the situation.  Why do we fear confronting the truth of our addiction?

Denial, anger and acceptance are the three phases of addiction.  However, anyone who ever has faced addiction head-on knows it is more involved than that.  The road between denial and acceptance can be long and arduous.  An addict may know they are an addict for years and years and just hope it never catches up to them where they have to go public and accept it.  It could be 10, 20 or even 50 years before their addiction comes back to haunt them. 

Nevertheless, the key is to how to get the addict to accept their addiction and understand and internally believe that abstinence is their ultimate key to happiness.

This will be the first in a series of articles looking at the nature of addiction and how to best quit using drugs or alcohol.  If you have any comments I urge you to contact me. 

Drugs are a poison and a scourge to society.  If you or someone you care about is addicted to a chemical substance I urge you to seek help immediately.  If you prefer to maintain anonymity there are online drug classes too.